The future of NMR spectra processing

NMRium handles advanced NMR spectra processing in the browser.
It is free, safe, and you can get started right away.


NMRium provides many features out of the box.

Open various formats

Just drag and drop a JCAMP-DX file, a zipped bruker folder or a JEOL file.

Your data are safe

All the processing is done in the browser without sending any data to a server. You can use even with confidential / proprietary data.

1D and 2D spectra

NMRium accepts 1D and 2D spectra. For 1D spectra it can either by a FID or a fourrier transformed spectrum. Currently only FT 2D spectra are allowed.

Perfect for teaching

Try out our structure elucidation exercises or create your own exercises! They are great for students or just for testing NMRium.

Open source

NMRium is an open-source React component available on GitHub. You can embed it in your own project !

Smart peak picking

NMRium includes an advanced peak picking detection for 1D and 2D and is able to generate the NMR string required for publication or patent.

Not just signal processing

NMRium also handles chemical structures. They can either be imported from an MDL Molfile, copy pasted directly in the molecule panel or drawn.


All the processing and assignment can be stored as a “.nmrium” file. This file contains the original data as well as all the processing that was applied on the spectrum. Assignment of the molecule are also saved in the file.