About us

This project is developed by Zakodium Sàrl (Switzerland), the University of Cologne (Germany), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) and Universidad del Valle (Colombia)

  • Luc Patiny

    Dr Luc Patiny

    With a background in organic chemistry and structural analysis I have been Interested in making chemical information available for computers for at least 20 years and I'm strongly involved in the development of open-source tools freely accessible and that run directly from a web browser.

  • Michaël Zasso

    Michaël Zasso

    Graduated in Forensic sciences at UNIL. Co-founder and software engineer at Zakodium. Active contributor and member of the Technical Steering Committee of Node.js.

  • Daniel Kostro

    Daniel Kostro

    Graduated in Life Sciences engineering at EPFL. Co-founder and software engineer at Zakodium.

  • Dr Nils Schloerer

    Dr Nils Schloerer

    Interested in NMR data handling in academia and in exploring ways that enable chemists to ‘read’ and handle NMR experiments in an adequate fashion.

  • Hamed Musallam

    Hamed Musallam

    I’m a software engineer. Coding is my life. The golden rule that I follow in my life: always leave the comfort zone because it's like shackles that prevent you to move forward and be sure that life without challenges is boring.

  • Dr Johannes Liermann

    Dr Johannes Liermann

    Johannes Liermann has a background in organic and natural product chemistry and works as NMR spectroscopist at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. He takes a strong interest in the digitization of spectroscopic and other research data and is a member of the steering committe in the German National Resarch Data Infrastructure consortium NFDI4Chem.

  • Prof Julien Wist

    Prof Julien Wist

    Trained as an NMR spectroscopist to develop new experiments, I became interested in the fate of the data generated by these amazing spectrometers, and thus dedicated the last two decades to providing efficient solution to manipulate, analyze and eventually publish these data so they could be trusted and reused by others.

  • Alejandro Bolano

    Alejandro Bolanos

    Graduated as a chemist and introduced early to NMR spectroscopy, I am enthusiastic about creating a new generation of tools for chemistry and also for metabolic profiling and metabonomics, both fields that are closely related to my PhD project.

  • Michael Wenk

    Michael Wenk

    I graduated as a bioinformatician, and I like to bring questions in nature science together with solutions in computer science and to provide open-source software solutions. Currently, as a doctoral candidate, I am working on a system for computer-assisted structure elucidation which is based on NMR data.

  • Damien Jeannerat

    Damien Jeannerat

    After 20 years of academic research in NMR methodology applied to small molecule (University of Geneva), and the success of the NMReDATA Initiative, I shifted my activity to the field of chemistry data and automated analysis of NMR data. I contributed to NMRium with a node module implementing the algorithm of multiplet-structure deconvolution as developed in the 90’s in the group of Geoffrey Bodenhausen.


Funding is provided by:

  • IDNMR grant, which part of the Scientific Library Services and Information Systems (LIS) initiative of the DFG.
  • Zakodium Sàrl (Switzerland)
  • Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia)